Rugby Ball 10.4.14

2013 was a watershed year for All Black rugby as the mighty ABs went 16 & 0 to become the first international football team in the professional era to go thru a calendar year not only undefeated but also winning 100%.

This is rare beyond belief as one would expect even the best teams to trip up occasionally for any number of reasons including meeting a team playing out of its skin, injuries, having an off day, or just plain bad luck. The Chiefs – who won the Super XV tournament and who were almost universally acknowledged as the best team in the competition – dropped 3 games en route to the title.

This is also what we see in the investing world: you can be invested in what may well be the best option for you but over time will find that this option fails to perform over short periods only to consistently rise to the top over more meaningful time periods.

At the end of the day, class will always prevail over the long term whether we are talking investments or sports teams.