From The Newswires: Crimea gets annexed & the US fails to invade Russia as a consequence, something the loony right in the US indicates makes Obama a weak president. Enter the voice of sweet reason – Robert Gates, erstwhile Secretary of Defence to both Obama & Dubya – to point out that wild George his very self also failed to invade Russia when Vlad invaded Georgia when he was POTUS & that the right have never accused that fine Texas lad of being soft. Obama may be the most disappointing president for years but he is actually round about right on most foreign policy issues & for the rest of the world that is probably more important than his domestic policy failures.

From The Economy: Russia/Crimea/Ukraine: an economic explanation for what is going on: Russia’s significant dependence on Ukraine for gas exports has long been a source of friction between the two countries. As a result, Russia has been diversifying its supply options through the South Stream pipeline. As shown in the graph below, Crimea may prove to be crucial for reducing the astronomical costs of the project as both depths and distances could be reduced substantially. In addition, annexing Crimea may offer Russia access to the major part of the explored offshore gas deposits and prospective hydrocarbon resources in the Black Sea.

South Stream Gas Pipeline -Originall Route vs Potential Crimea Option








Yes boyz’n’gurlz, it all comes back to filthy lucre.

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