As you might be aware, Grant is both a ‘Friend” of and an inveterate attendee at the annual Auckland Writers Festival. 2017 was no exception and podcasts and videos of several events are now available. These three he thought might be particularly interesting to our friends and clients:

  • Lawrence Krauss – chair of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the inventors of The Doomsday Clock – delivered a compelling lecture on why the Bulletin reset the clock 30 seconds closer to midnight – i.e. Doomsday – late last year.  Click HERE


  • Thomas Friedman – erstwhile foreign affairs correspondent of the NY Times, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, & author – spoke on the state of the world, why the world changed in 2007 and why we all missed it, and why he is an optimist.  Click HERE


  • Rob Schmitz – US National Public Radio Shanghai correspondent – spoke about life in the “Great Dragon of the East” from his perspective as an American Palangi living and working for years in its most international city.  Click HERE

We trust you enjoy them and welcome any feedback.