Portfolio design and monitoring

Creating and managing a portfolio that’s right for you, then monitoring and adjusting it over time, is at the heart of what we do. We’re proudly hands-on: you can expect to spend more time with us discussing your investment goals and hear from us more often than you would with a competitor. If that appeals, read on!

Our Processes

  • Meeting with fund management companies of all kinds – both national and international – to find investments we can use to build the most efficient portfolios we can.
  • Discussing and analysing fund strategies, performance, and philosophies with their managers and our colleagues – we are renowned for asking the tough questions!
  • Monitoring markets and the economy to make recommendations on your portfolio as appropriate.
  • Keeping up to date with the compliance protocols around the world relevant to you.
  • Facilitating investment transactions and adjustments to your portfolio, (with your specific authorisation of course!)
  • Management of your administration and paperwork.
  • Facilitating the use of best-of-breed custodial services.
  • Holding regular portfolio review meetings with you.
  • Delivering a quarterly investment newsletter and a (more or less) weekly current affairs newsletter on the markets and economy.
  • Updating you via educational forums and conferences.
  • Providing you 24×7 online access to investment reporting*.
  • Quarterly reports with comprehensive insights including current market value, asset allocation by sector and currency, all purchases and sales transacted and all cash movements during the quarter including interest and dividend income*.
  • End of year tax reporting*.

What this means to you: you’ll be better informed and have more time to focus on investment returns, not administration.
*via NZX Wealth Technologies

  1. Getting to know you – let’s talk and discuss your investment goals and your current investments.
  2. We’ll send you a summary of our understanding and where we think we can help and ask for your feedback.
  3. Account set-up – we’ll facilitate your set up with our custodian and all the relevant documentation.
  4. In the meantime, we will work with you to formulate an investment strategy and investment allocation and products for you to consider.
  5. Implementation – we’ll undertake transactions on your behalf in accordance with your instructions.
  6. Review – we monitor and review your portfolio and invite you to regular portfolio review meetings.

Our fee structures for portfolio design and management are as follows:

  1. Portfolio Restructuring (initial portfolio setup, and new funds introduced at any stage):
  • This fee is based on a percentage of your initial portfolio valuation or subsequent new funds introduced and is payable on agreement of portfolio structure;
  1. Portfolio Monitoring:

We have two options which are based on either:

  • The traditional “Assets under Advice” model. Here the fee is a percentage of your portfolio value and is payable monthly, quarterly or annually, or
  • A performance fee basis. This is a fee structure based on a lower portfolio monitoring fee and a performance fee based on portfolio returns over a 12-month period. It is available for investors with significant portfolios and involves an agreed to “hurdle return” (i) with a “high water mark” (ii). Please enquire for details if this is of interest to you.

(i ) The performance that must be hit to trigger performance fees.

(ii ) This is the level that the portfolio must get back to if the portfolio value falls, before performance fees can be charged.

Please contact us for our latest fee schedule.

Cleary Wealth Management is not a bank or an investment fund. We believe that the most responsible way to safeguard your money is by partnering with New Zealand’s leading trustee company Public Trust.

Public Trust is answerable to you, not to us, and will ensure all your transactions comply with New Zealand law, plus administer trades and settlements on your behalf.

What are custodial services?

The custodial services area within the Public Trust’s Corporate Trustee Services is primarily responsible for transactional settlements, reconciliations, desktop banking, accounting and reporting to clients regularly. Most transactional work is intra-day settlements which must be completed within allotted deadlines. For further information visit www.publictrust.co.nz

NZX Wealth Technologies

Public Trust entrusts NZX Wealth Technologies to deliver rich online platform functionality to efficiently manage, trade and administer their clients’ investment assets. Cleary Wealth Management worked closely with NZX’s predecessor to develop the reporting for the Wealth Technologies platform and our clients were among the first to benefit from it. For further information visit www.nzxwt.nz

A fee is charged directly by NZX Wealth Technologies for both NZX and Public Trust services.